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  • Do you feel... happy in many areas of your life, but finding love continues to be so disheartening?
  • Are you tired of... swiping through profiles and are ready for real, meaningful interaction​?
  • Do you strive to... be the best version of yourself, but continue to be disappointed in the caliber of singles you meet?
  • And when it comes down to it, you're seeking...  a relationship that compliments your life and your goals, not complicates them.


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Singles Events

Do you find yourself googling "dating events near me"? Today, when the whole world is connected online, and we travel as much as we can, why limit yourself to local dating events? Now attend meaningful singles events from wherever you are that day. 

Press pause on your packed schedule for just two hours — find a love that's worth making time for.

  • Socialize with other singles in a relaxed group atmosphere, avoiding awkward one-on-one introductions with strangers you have no chemistry with.
  • ​Take part in activities and discussions focusing on personal growth and development, fostering connections through shared experiences.
  • Maintain the level of privacy you're comfortable with until and only when you've decided ​what and with whom to share more about yourself with.

Your Destination to Discover Love That Lasts

Singles' Hotspot Community

You no longer have to search for singles day after day. Connect authentically, minus the search! Every new member added to our community is a potential match. We've curated our community to promote lively conversations and connections among like-minded people.

It's your "go to" community to develop connections WHILE developing yourself. Win Win!

  • ​Our matching process does the heavy lifting, so you can embrace the light-hearted side of finding love.
  • Background checks and monitoring done for all community members to promote the values we stand for  realness, integrity, shared commitment to finding real love.
  • ​Escape​ the comparing and doom-scrolling on social media by joining this supportive space, full of value, tailored for like-minded professional singles like you.

Conscious Dating at Its Finest

 VIP Access

This is hands-down the best answer out there for how to find real love online. 

This exclusive tier of service offers all the perks of the Singles' Hotspot Community, PLUS

  • Matchmaking services — 24/7 compatibility monitoring and introductions to new matches.
  • ​Attend unlimited events free of​ charge.
  • Exclusive ​access to promotions, resources, and perks as they are released.
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Krystle Hearley

Krystle brings a compassionate expertise to the art of love and self-discovery. Armed with a Master's Degree and licensure in mental health counseling, she's the ally people trust on their path of personal growth, often finding true love with others and for themselves along the way.

In her roles as a Psychotherapist and Confidence and Dating Coach, Krystle aims to enlighten, energize, and escort struggling singles along a transformative experience towards authentic and enduring love. Her personal dating adventures, professional experience, and profound personal loss in 2020, have ignited within her a spirited dedication to foster the kind of deep, unconditional love that every heart yearns for.

Krystle's testament to the individuals she mentors is simple yet profound: love isn’t something to chase, and it isn’t mysterious. It’s not scarce, or conditional, or difficult. When love is present, it’s obvious and abundant. Everyone deserves this kind of love.

Get To Know Krystle Better

See into her heart, mission, and married life with her husband and doodles



From Real People

"With Krystle's guidance and encouragement, I was able to communicate my feelings openly and honestly, in a way that was way better than I ever expected. And it went way better than I ever could have dreamed."


"Being a licensed counselor, I see the need for the work that [Krystle] does to support couples, and to support people looking for a partner. I'm so grateful that I now have someone to refer my clients to."


"Yes, I am biased because she is my wife, but I couldn’t think of a person better suited to be creating a space and service like this. Krystle loves love. She wants everyone to find exactly what we have found with each other, in their own individual way. Her passion is helping people find their way in life and in love. Krystle is that one person in everyone’s life who can say with 100% confidence that she truly wants the best for them, always."


Podcast Interviews

Featuring Krystle

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Explore vulnerable dialogues centered around self-love, confidence, and the intricate world of dating. Discover the significance of self-care, introspection, and cultivating a positive inner dialogue. Ready to delve deeper? Listen to more episodes below.

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Episode 46 | Self-Love, Confidence & Dating
Dive into a conversation that highlights self-care, self-reflection, & the power of positive self-talk. Listen To More

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Episode 25 | Pretty But Hurting
Often we assume that because someone is physically gorgeous, popular, a sports star, rich or famous that it means that they have everything. That is a total myth.  Listen To More

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Episode 20 | From Chemistry to Compatibility: How to Find True Connection in Your Relationships
Hear about the significance of values in finding love, why chemistry isn't the sole ingredient for a lasting relationship, and how important it is to know and communicate your needs. Listen To More


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