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We've curated our community to promote lively conversations and connections among like-minded, growth-oriented singles.
​It will be your number one spot to develop connections WHILE developing yourself. Win Win!

  • ​Natural Flow of Conversation: Our matching software does the heavy lifting, so you can embrace the light-hearted side of finding love - chatting!
  • Vetted MembersAll community members will have a background check completed during the onboarding process. This helps ensure we promote the values we stand for - realness, integrity, shared commitment to finding real love.
  • Value This is a supportive space, full of value, tailored for busy professional singles like you!

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This is hands-down the best answer out there for how to find real love online.
​This exclusive tier of service offers all the perks of the free membership tier, PLUS

  • Matchmaking Services: 24/7 Compatibility monitoring and introductions to new matches.
  • Unlimited EventsFree of charge.
  • Exclusive Access: Promotions, resources, and perks as they are released.

Our Signature Service

Attend a Singles' Event

Attend one of our fun and party educational events where you can meet like-minded singles. We strive for comfort, convenience, and connection.

The Singles' Hotspot Community was designed to be a 'Go To' space in between events. Press pause on your packed schedule for just two hours - find a love that's worth making time for!

  • ​Group Setting: Socialize with other singles in a relaxed group atmosphere, avoiding awkward one-on-one introductions with strangers you have no chemistry with.
  • Facilitated activitiesTake part in activities and discussions focusing on personal growth and development, fostering connections through shared experiences.
  • Privacy and Comfort: An online setting provides an extra level of safety. Maintain the level of privacy you're comfortable with until and only when you've decided what and with whom to share more about yourself with. 

This Will Be a Game Changer!

We Know, Because We Know The Alternatives

Sure, there are plenty of new ways of searching for love on reality TV. But IRL, the dating scene has not evolved in years!

 Dating Apps

Dating apps are where genuine connections are a rarity and disappointment is the norm. These platforms create a loop of endless browsing and unmet expectations, often resulting in a superficial experience that mirrors the vanity of a popularity contest rather than the depth of a true romantic venture.

  • Superficial swiping: Judgements are often made on appearance alone. If they check your profile, you have a blurb to summarize your entire existence.
  • Disposable Connections: A single swipe can replace you and how do you find out? Ghosted. Cool. Thanks.
  • Filters and Fluff, and Hogwash, oh my: The stranger behind that profile you just swiped right on can say whatever they want to say. Who's watching out for you?
  • Data: The free versions still make money off of you by selling your data.

 How We Do It Better

  • Vetting Process: Our team gets to know everyone who joins so we can be the best ally looking out for you.
  • Meaningful Conversations: Facilitated workshops and group conversations take the guesswork out of connecting with others.
  • Respect: We foster an environment that attracts singles who want to be their best, not disrespectful jerks.​
  • Data: We will not sell your data. We only use it internally to provide the highest quality service to you. 

 Local Dating Events

First word that comes to mind? AWKWARD!  Local dating events often promise the thrill of a romantic connection, but the reality is a room of attendees who shuffle through awkward conversations, making small talk that feels more like a job interview. With the forced ambiance and the ticking clock counting down on each interaction, these events feel less like serendipitous romance and more like a conveyor belt of potential matches, feeling about as romantic as a dentist's waiting room.

  • Pressure: It's uncomfortable for many to be thrown in a room with strangers and told "Go make your next 5-minute conversation the one that changes your whole life!"
  • Safety: In this world we live in, we cannot take this matter lightly. Please be safe out there.
  • Cha-ching $: There's a cost for entry, drinks, apps, meals, parking, gas...

 How We Do It Better

  • Relaxed Environment: The group approach lets listeners listen and talkers talk. There's a chat function available for those more comfortable communicating that way.
  • Safety is Paramount: No need to worry about a stranger following you; or driving after a few drinks; or even anyone knowing your name until you're comfortable sharing it.
  • Cost-conscious: Only worry about the entry fee! And VIP access members pay an entry fee of $0. 

 The Traditional Way

The modern rhythm of life today means everyone's schedules are packed to the brim. The slow burn of traditional dating, of "putting yourself out there" and waiting for chance meetings, is a luxury many can no longer afford. In the age where instant communication is at our fingertips, the expectation to stumble upon the right person in a coffee shop or grocery store's produce section, seems both archaic and impractical, leaving traditional dating methods gasping for air in the digital dating age.

  • Gambling: You're gambling with your time, energy, and money - hoping you made the right choice to go wherever you go, and "your person" also picked that place to go, on that day, at that time (in a world of unlimited choices).
  • Outdated: Even if you want to date traditionally, your pool of potential partners is likely at home online.
  • Limited in a Limitless World: Did you bring your car for its last oil change to a mechanic you found on a local community board? Or did you Google it?

 How We Do It Better

  • You've Done Your Research: You know what the topic of the event will be. You know the event is filled with serious singles looking for a committed loving relationship.
  • Online: Event attendees include local singles, so your connection can blossom IRL post-event. Meeting online first, though, brings convenience, cost-savings, and time-savings. 
  • Flexible and Limitless: Our events will grow and evolve indefinitely thanks to technology. Meeting singles within your city limits cannot compare.

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Why Choose Us?

This intentional approach to dating was crafted by an introverted (she relates to being more comfortable screen-to-face vs. face-to-face), high-achieving (she sets her standards high in all she does) therapist who, after 15 years of dating ventures, is now happily married (she can see the journey in hindsight now, guiding others to get there faster).

Every aspect of the community and events has been created intentionally, placing value on the importance of personal growth, integrity, and connection.

We expect a high quality of character among our members and hold ourselves to the same standard, having put safeguards in place to allow for two-way communication in the event there is ever a concern.

The journey to finding the love you want is as important as reaching your destination. Let us guide you along the path, smooth out any bumps, and make your journey to love more efficient and enjoyable.


From Real People

"With Krystle's guidance and encouragement, I was able to communicate my feelings openly and honestly, in a way that was way better than I ever expected. And it went way better than I ever could have dreamed."


"Being a licensed counselor, I see the need for the work that [Krystle] does to support couples, and to support people looking for a partner. I'm so grateful that I now have someone to refer my clients to."


"Yes, I am biased because she is my wife, but I couldn’t think of a person better suited to be creating a space and service like this. Krystle loves love. She wants everyone to find exactly what we have found with each other, in their own individual way. Her passion is helping people find their way in life and in love. Krystle is that one person in everyone’s life who can say with 100% confidence that she truly wants the best for them, always."


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